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CS&S will provide you with a written proposal for on site work to be undertaken which will outline equipment, materials and a labor estimate for your job.    

Proposals outline a list of equipment with quoted prices, a lump sum estimate for miscellaneous materials, and a labor charge estimate.  Depending on the amount of design work required for your project, the proposal may not be free of charge.  I generally will charge for time if an on site (vessel) inspection is requested.  A portion of the fee for your proposal is credited towards your job upon authorization of the work outlined in the proposal.  We will always inform you if you are going to be charged for a proposal.  A proposal submitted to you at no charge is confidential and, without exception, is the property of Cruising Services & Supplies and may not be distributed or used in any form without our prior authorization.

The labor estimate does not include woodwork, sea trials, parking fees or work added at a later date unless noted otherwise on the proposal.   I do not do rigging or mast related work unless noted, nor do we do "bottom work" such as installing thru hull connections.  The phrase "Labor Estimate" means that to the best of our abilities we have made a general calculation of the work requested, however, marine electronics is custom work with every vessels' requirements being different.  It is impossible to account for every contingency.  In situations where we refer you to another facility for installation, you may accept our recommendation or select any facility to perform the installation work required.  ANY WORK PERFORMED BY A REFERRED FACILITY WILL BE UNDER THE CUSTOMERS' DIRECTION AND A SEPARATELY NEGOTIATED CONTRACT BETWEEN THE CUSTOMER AND THE FACILITY.  CS&S DOES NOT WARRANT WORK PERFORMED BY ANY REFERRED FACILITY AND THE CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT CS&S HAS NO LIABILITY FOR WORK PERFORMED BY THE REFERRED FACILITY.  Modems, laptops, and radios can be purchased on the open market and the proposal will have the supplier and telephone contact so that you can order the necessary equipment.  AirMail/SailMail licenses are granted from the author.

Labor is strictly on a time and materials basis at the labor rates printed on the estimate sheet unless noted otherwise on your proposal.  Usual labor estimates are based on an hourly rate for a normal installation.   Complex jobs will require additional hours and be billed accordingly. Travel time is billed round trip from my office to your location. 

Invoices are due upon receipt.   Invoices are payable in U.S. funds only.  Normal travel expenses to and from non local and international job sites are pre invoiced and must be pre paid.

My office hours are Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm East Coast Time.  You can always reach me via emailI do not maintain a retail office or a display area.

References are available upon request.