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Cruising Services & Supplies is an authorized dealer of SCS products.  The products shown below are no longer in production.  They are listed here since many users may find these at GAM Meetings or on eBay for sale. 

Email access from sea, remote homes or the middle of the desert with SCS PACTOR II or III HF/VHF modems, and the appropriate radio transceiver.  Confused over which model meets your requirements?  See the comparison of the SCS-PTC models at the bottom of this page.  New modems can be seen here.

Legacy Modems below can support up to Pactor 3 with the appropriate firmware/license updates.  For more info on Pactor 3 upgrades, be sure to click on silicon serial number.


PTC-IIpro multiport modem with RS-232 radio control, 2mb memory, TXCO, audio amplifier and optional VHF/UHF DSP module. 

PTC-IIpro brochure (PDF)


PTC-IIusb Modem with PACTOR III Mode License
Speed up your data up to 4x!  This version of the PTC-IIusb includes the upgrade to PACTOR III mode.

USB connection to computer, internal memory, 100 mhz DSP, temperature controlled oscillator.  Transceiver control and built-in VHF packet included! Same performance as the PTC-IIpro excluding multiport capability. 


PTC-IIex, simplified single port version of the PTC-IIpro.

PTC-IIex brochure (PDF).

Comparison of the PTC-II Models

Comparison of the different PTC-II modems

PACTOR-II, PACTOR-I, AMTOR, NAVTEX, AMTEX, RTTY, PSK31, CW, SSTV, FAX are common modes to all PTC-II models!

Interface Ethernet USB Serial Serial Serial Serial
PACTOR-III yes yes
PACTOR-III Listen yes yes yes yes no no
Audio Filter yes yes yes yes yes yes
Built in
audio amplifier
no no no yes no no
600 Baud
Robust HF Packet
yes yes yes DSP module 2 no DSP module 2
PR 300 yes yes yes DSP module 2 yes DSP module 2
PR 1k2 yes yes yes DSP module 2 yes DSP module 2
PR 9k6 yes yes yes DSP module 2 yes DSP module 2
PR 19k2 yes yes yes DSP module 2 no DSP module 2
TRX Control TTL and V24 TTL and V24 no TTL and V24 no TTL
PACTOR-PR Gateway no no no yes no yes
Mailbox no yes yes yes yes yes
Multiport no no no yes no yes
RAM 2 MB 2 MB 2 MB 2 MB 512 kB up to 2 MB
matrix display
no no no yes no yes
Tuning display dual color dual color red dual color red dual color
TCXO yes yes yes yes no no
serial number
yes yes yes yes no - until 12/2001
yes - from 01/2002
DSP DSP56303
100 MHz
100 MHz
100 MHz
100 MHz
60 MHz
60 MHz

Silicon serial number

All PTC-IIe produced from January 2002 and all PTC-IIpro and PTC-IIex have an electronic serial number device.  If you own a PTC-II or a PTC-IIe manufactured before 2002 it is possible to upgrade the unit with an electronic serial number.  You can easily check if your unit has a electronic serial number.  Look at the bottom of your PTC-IIex, PTC-IIpro or PTC-IIe for a bar coded label and this will indicate it is ready for Pactor 3.  If it does not have the bar code, then the unit needs to be sent to Farallon Electronics to have a serial number board installed.

Also, you can check if there is a electronic serial number by software! Simply enter the command sys sern and press the Enter key (assuming you have Airmail or some other software on a computer that supports sending commands). If the PTC has a electronic serial number it responds with the serial number!

Every PTC-IIpro and PTC-IIex should have a serial number label and should respond to the sys sern command with the serial number!

The easiest way for licensing the professional firmware features for a PTC with an electronic serial number is to read out the serial number with the sys sern command and copy-and-paste it into the serial number field of the order form.

Note: the serial number is always 16 characters long!