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All products are subject to availability and pricing from SCS or other direct suppliers.  Below you will see the most common modem items needed to set up a pactor email application.    If you don't see what you need below, please give contact me.  If you need radios and laptops, those can be readily purchased at several locations.  Icom recently received a waiver on the DSC functions for its' IC-M802 radio and that can be purchased at DockSide Radio or from other Icom dealers.  I can quote the items you need for a new installation.

Item   Other items available upon request   Price($)
Typical Market Pricing

DR 7800 Dragon Pactor 4 Modem

See Datasheet for full details

DR7803 P4 Dragon Bluetooth $2149

Bluetooth Option (see the Bluetooth option below) 



DR 7400 Dragon Pactor 4

DR-7400 P4dragon PACTOR 4 Modem

Pactor 4 Dragon USB connection
See Datasheet for full details


DR-7403 Dragon Modem and Class 1 Bluetoooth



1071 - PTC-IIIusb Modem with PACTOR III 

PTC-IIIusb Pactor 3 installed
See Datasheet for full details

DR1073  PTC-IIIusbBT Pactor 3 Class 2 Bluethooth or USB $1349

PTC modems to Icom (M700pro, M710, M710RT, and M802 radios) audio   cable. 8 pin DIN to 8 pin DIN
8083   Icom transmit control cable from M802.  6 feet   39.00
8086   Icom transmit control cable for M700pro, M710, and M710RT radios.  6 feet   45.00
Upgrades    Pactor 3 Many older Pactor modems can be upgraded to Pactor 3.  Send a note with you modem serial number and type for a quote.    Send
FairRite Type 31 clip on RF choke, 3/8" or 1/4"
FairRite Type 31 clip on RF choke, 1/2"
13 pin DIN connector

For ordering SCS Modems, please refer to the SCS price list above.  Send us an email with item number, quantity, delivery address, and method of payment below and we will respond with a firm quote and payment instructions.  SCS modems will have a nominal shipping  charge depending upon your location.  We do accept personal checks and cash.  Personal checks must clear our account prior to shipping.   On all shipments, we will provide you with the shippers tracking information number.  We can use PayPal (credit cards--3% surcharge for processing credit card, shipping address and billing address of the credit card MUST be the same) for US shipments only.   If your ordered equipment is shipped to me, I will pre check each component to assure that it is ready to be installed at your site.   Installation and checkout is faster is every component is check to be working properly.  Older Icom M802 had "clipping" issues and if you purchase used equipment, it is very important to make sure that the is working correctly.  Note that you will need some type of antenna for HF or SSB radios.  I will discuss your options on those items since your requirements will be unique for your application.  RVs, jungle adventurers, boaters have significantly different antenna requirements.  I do not install antennas but can recommend companies that can work with you.  Catamarans and single hull sailboats have very different applications with lots of options.

Installation Field Service, on site $125.00 / hour
Technical Field Service, on site $125.00 / hour
Technical Shop (in-house) $125.00 / hour
Technical Consulting and Design $125.00 / hour

Minimum Charges
Field Service 1 hour
Shop Time 1/4 hour

Travel Time
Round Trip $62.50/ hr.

The above rates apply 7 days a week (excluding holidays) 8am to 8pm.  Holidays and unusual hours are subject to a labor rate of $130.00 / hr., two hour minimum.