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My primary business is "pactor" email training and installation checkup advice for AirMail and SailMail (software email clients) via HF/SSB radios or satellite phones.  I support "digital communications" for multiple networks types such WinLink, SailMail and some commercial networks.  If you need installation support, training, or can't figure out why your equipment is not working as expected, you came to the right website to get it fixed.  If you are just getting ready to install your pactor system, I will be able to assist you in the proper setup and final configuration.    If you are seeking problem resolution of an existing system, be sure to indicate what you need along with a brief description of your equipment such as radio, radio tuner, antenna type, computer (include the operating system), and which SCS modem you have.  Just click on Contact Us to send me an email to get started.  You can easily save yourself a lot of issues by going to the DockSide Radio website and purchasing two small yellow bookets, "The Sailor's Quick Start Guide", to SSB Installation & Operation and the SailMail/AirMail/Winlink 2000 system approximately $46 plus shipping.  These booklets describe the ususal Icom M802 (plus other SSBs) installation and setup procedures.  The booklets address many typical issues you should consider before installing your radio, tuner, ground, and antenna system.  If you are just "designing" you radio needs, you should work with an authorized seller installer/designer of the equipment and read every instruction manual that they propose for your radio setup before proceeding.  Yes, the HF radio can be quite complex and there are many different ways of setting up radio systems.  Amazing what you can learn in the manuals before you make decisions or HF radio installations.  But, if you haven't done the reading before you setup the radio system, I may be able to provide support to identify and rectify your HF radio issues.  Many problems are easily resolved if you just take the time to do your homework.  Most existing radio issues will be with RF interference and grounding.  If the radio or equipment is defective, I know where most brands can be repaired quickly by authorized repair centers to get you back on the "air".

The training services are conducted on your boat using your equipment.  I will guide you through the basic topics you need and then demonstrate how to use each topic.  Then, it is your turn in a "hands on" session to ensure you know "how to do it".  Follow up questions and email/phone support are included if needed as part of my services since some topics will still require additional "study" material so that you fully understand "how to do it".  Training will include not only AirMail and SailMail but also how to best use your HF or SSB radio in your mobile environment.  Before the training begins, I test your radio installation to be sure it is working adequately.   Many times I find installation issues that can corrected on the spot such as RF (radio frequency) interference feedback, loose or broken cables, shorts in coax wires, blown fuses, corrosion on connections, incorrect operating system drivers, missing software, and missing "components" such as RF chokes and line isolators.  Additionally, live operational tests such as a simple "radio voice checks" to radio networks may be employed to confirm some parts of your setup.  I'll explain what each test checks and how it affects your setup.  I do not provide "repair" services on consumer electronics such as radios, radio tuners, modems, phones or laptops.  Those types of repairs are best taken care with authorized factory repair outlets.  Sometimes the original manufacturer may quote 3 to 4+ weeks for service which may not fit your schedule.  Usually, I can refer you to a center that can examine the equipment, quote the repair, and return it to you in a week including the time in shipment!   If your equipment is not functional and can not be used for training, I will have a laptop with me so that we can complete some basic pactor email training via WiFi using the Telnet functions in AirMail or SailMail.  Follow up training can be arranged if needed.  Additional training will be separately quoted once your faulty equipment is repaired and reinstalled. 

My services are geared to getting new HAM radio users and SailMail marine SSB users to attain a high degree of competency to send/receive email, obtain weather forecasts, and integrate their laptop or desktop into a marine or mobile environment.  Please be sure to have your HAM radio or HF/MF FCC radio license information available.  I have installed and trained sailors to successfully use Icom radios (M-700s, M-700pros, 706MKIIGs, 718s, M-710s, M-800s, M-802s), Kenwood TS-450s, SGC-2000s and other radios for AirMail or SailMail email.  Even experienced HAM and SailMail users have found my services beneficial "to solving their connection problems".   Just send an email to us at this web site and be sure to check the custom training information on this website for some topics that can be covered in training.  Be prepared to do you pre homework on materials that I will send via email to address the topics that you want to learn.

Most of the clients are members of the: Waterway Radio Cruising Club, Seven Seas Cruising Association, or the Cruising Club of America.  If you are not a member of any of those organizations, I highly recommend you join one of them.  Those organizations and members can provide significant information to the cruising community.  Nearly all of my customers find me via my previous customers.  Below is a letter from one my clients in 2008.  Since that time, I have helped a lot customers solve their pactor issues.  References are available upon request but just "ask around" with people you know who have a pactor email setup. Check with dealer and distributors and ask who can help you.  I look forward to serving your needs and having another great customer reference!

Humperdinck Jackman
s/y Arabella
Hans Christian 'Christina' 43

2nd October 2008

To Whom it May Concern,

Although I have held a ham radio license for 30 years, I was confused by the Pactor modem and Icom 710-RT which came with my used sailboat. Despite repeated attempts to get the modem to function I was stumped. Since we leave on a circumnavigation in a month, I needed to get this system running.

Dick Juppenlatz came to my boat in Annapolis and, within an hour, had the system running. Dick was superbly equipped with software, spare parts and accessories and was able to improve the reliability of the installation in record time.

My crew does not have any experience with HF communication, and Dick gave a superb primer on propagation. He is a patient instructor and, when teaching non-technical people, presents the information in the clearest way possible.

Dick presented us with a comprehensive guide to email and weather fax afloat. Superbly illustrated, the book is invaluable to any owner of an Icom radio and is vastly superior to any other similar on the subject. It really should be published!

While many potential clients might balk at paying for Dick's services - and we are on a cruiser's budget - I rate Dick as being one of the very best marine industry service providers in Annapolis and as being worth every penny. He does what he says he will do, when he says he will do it, and for a fair rate. I recommend him enthusiastically.


Humperdinck Jackman
Ham Callsign: G4YHK"