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Airmail2000 is a combination email program (similar to Outlook) and is a special terminal pactor program for connection to a radio mailbox station.  Once connected to a compatible station, message transfer is completely automatic.  On the ham bands, Airmail can transfer messages automatically with any station supporting the BBS or F6FBB protocols, such as Winlink, F6FBB and MSYS and other Airmail stations.  Airmail is also compatible with some marine and land-based commercial systems.  A "dumb terminal" mode is also provided but ordinary QSO's are not the program's forte.  There are other free programs listed in the Technical Library for QSO's.
Airmail is a 32-bit program which runs under Windows-95, 98, WinME or NT 4.0.  Airmail supports the SCS PTC-II, PTC-IIe, and PTC-IIpro, and PTC-USB Pactor-1,2, and 3 modems.  

Airmail2000 is provided without charge to the amateur radio community and there are no fees for airtime using Airmail2000.  It can also be used with participating non-ham systems.  Details can be found on the Airmail2000 web site.   AirMail is a software program that is run on a laptop by users of the Winlink and/or the SailMail services.

SailMail is similar to Airmail except that the calling frequencies are setup for the marine SSB FCC licensed public coast stations.     SailMail is a non-profit Association that operates a network of radio stations that supply email service.  SailMail is a free program but does require a membership fee to support the coast stations. More details can be see on the SailMail home page.

Detailed HAM pactor service information can be found on the following HAM links:  WinLink and Airmail2000

Detailed SSB marine commercial pactor service information can be found on the following SSB marine links:  SailMail, MarineNet, CruiseEmail, and WLO Radio