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AirMail and SailMail

We provide Pactor 2, 3 and 4 email and marine SSB training, installation, and support with AirMail and SailMail to the Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis, Baltimore, Solomons Island and the metro Washington DC areas.  We also support other forms of digital email communications via HF radios.  Full support for Icom radios with SCS PTC modems including the new SCS Bluetooth technology option on the USB modems.

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Pactor 3

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Pactor 4

Cruising Services & Supplies (CS&S) is a dealer for the SCS modem for use in pactor 3 and 4 email applications using HAM and marine SSB radios.   Our primary business is SCS training and installation of AirMail and SailMail email SSB/HAM applications for cruisers via the SailMail and Winlink networks. I do installations and training for sailors, RV's, power boats, jungle adventures, government and "emergency stations" who need a "remote" email capability.  I also support digital communications on PSK and email via Winmor on Winlink stations.

If you currently have an SCS pactor 2, 3, or 4 modem and are having problems connecting to WinLink or a SailMail station, I will be able to determine the source of the problem and the solution.  If you need training, installation, or support for either SailMail or Airmail, I can definitely help you.  My services are geared to getting new HAM users and SailMail SSB users to attain a high degree of competency to send/receive email, obtain weather forecasts, and integrate their laptop or desktop into a marine environment.  I have installed and trained sailors to successfully use Icom, Kenwood, SGC, and SEA radios (M-700s, M-700pros, 706MKIIGs, 718s, M-710s, M-800s, M-802s, Kenwood 450s, and SGC-2000s) for AirMail and SailMail email.  Even  experienced HAM and SailMail users have found my services beneficial "to solving their connection problems".   Just send an email to us at this web site. 

Most of the clients are members of the:

Waterway Radio Cruising Club

Seven Seas Cruising Association

Cruising Club of America

If you are not a member of those organizations, I highly recommend you join them.  Those organizations and members can provide significant information to the cruising community.  Here's what a customer had to say about my services:

Humperdinck Jackman
s/y Arabella
Hans Christian 'Christina' 43

2nd October 2008

To Whom it May Concern,

Although I have held a ham radio license for 30 years, I was confused by the Pactor modem and Icom 710-RT which came with my used sailboat. Despite repeated attempts to get the modem to function I was stumped. Since we leave on a circumnavigation in a month, I needed to get this system running.

Dick Juppenlatz came to my boat in Annapolis and, within an hour, had the system running. Dick was superbly equipped with software, spare parts and accessories and was able to improve the reliability of the installation in record time.

My crew does not have any experience with HF communication, and Dick gave a superb primer on propagation. He is a patient instructor and, when teaching non-technical people, presents the information in the clearest way possible.

Dick presented us with a comprehensive guide to email and weather fax afloat. Superbly illustrated, the book is invaluable to any owner of an Icom radio and is vastly superior to any other similar on the subject. It really should be published!

While many potential clients might balk at paying for Dick's services - and we are on a cruiser's budget - I rate Dick as being one of the very best marine industry service providers in Annapolis and as being worth every penny. He does what he says he will do, when he says he will do it, and for a fair rate. I recommend him enthusiastically.


Humperdinck Jackman
Ham Callsign: G4YHK"